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The Theory of Energy Exchange is not merely a penetration into the Holy of Holies but a scientific proof for the existence of an energy level in our natural relationships with other people and especially with our intimate partner. The Theory of Energy Exchange is a dip into the general laws of this relationship. The impossibility for science to prove parts of the conception process comes from its not taking into account this presence. We offer it as a theory wherein the approaches to the unproved become natural and easy to capture. May the reader be patient to read this interesting story and be convinced in our logics and our readiness to assist contemporary science. The initiates have never refused a contact with science but unintentional and logical, without prejudice. We welcome everyone who will read these lines and ponder over our arguments to disclose the mystery of Conception.         

Djwhal Khul, Тibetan,19.03.1996. Kazanlak

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