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kholobar.jpg "KHOLOBAR" - 2004

Kholobar is a unique book. It is the first ever publication on the proto-Bulgarian high priests (the kholobars) a special knowledge that has been determined to be passed on by word of mouth. Spas Mavrov has taken the risk to reveal some of this sacral knowledge on paper being one of the few (or even maybe, the only) living principles of the last Bulgarian shaman Doytcho who has yielded up his soul many years ago.

In Kholobar we see how the priests of Tang-Ra the one and only God of proto-Bulgarians (heralds of the first monotheistic religions doctrine in the world), served Him through sacred principles and rules and no commandments except the warning Heaven is watching.

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The secrets of Tangraism

By Spas Mavrov


In living memory of the fifty two elite Bulgarian clans brutally slaughtered by a statesman plunged in utter ignorance.

In living memory of the Shaman Doycho who seven years ago told me about this book.

I didnt believe then. Now I did it.

In memory of the Man who left This world,

saving a childs life.

With true faith that on the Higher Land

his Spirit rests in peace.


In 1995 I was living in Plovdiv, working at the Vselena ot Tayni (Universe of Secrets) Newspaper. The paper had for its main object to widen the outlook of the Bulgarian reader who was interested in esoteric knowledge. The market was thronged with true and pseudo-esoteric literature in which was almost impossible for the washed-away atheistic memory of our socialistic education to get its bearings. The newspapers owner the healer Elka Georgieva, and the editor-in-chief Yoto Patsov were trying their best to introduce some orientation in these hard matters.

I had arrived in town to hear out all the lectures of the theologian Vaklush Tolev. His interpretative views on Mythologies and Religions gave some reason to look at many of the texts in a new and unordinary way. The lack of consistent theological learning and knowing posed in front of many people everyday questions the answers of which in the churches did not satisfy the educated consciousness of the Bulgarians. The Orthodox had survived after the heavy atheistic blow but it was shrank and pushed into the corner of abnormality. The religious man was accepted as being a kind of mentally shaky. The depth of all religious texts, however, stroke and destroyed the obtruded opinion that religion was opium for the people.

In this environment it seemed quite unexpected that I was invited to visit a course in Tangraism with the shaman Doycho. I knew him from the lectures of Mr. Tolev so I didnt accept his views as serious and grounded ones. Of course, I hadnt listened even to one of his lectures from the beginning to the end. The offer seemed interesting and funny. The Shamanism, under the impact of many ignorant historians and searchers, as well as under the cruel strikes of the clergymen, was related only to the black magic. I didnt know any similar practice.

The Shaman Doycho, as he called himself, although he was always stressing the name of the Bulgarian priests of God Tang-Ra the Kholobars, approved the people personally. He knew me and told me he was accepting me even if I did not have the money to pay the course. And a long and hard theoretical and practical training began which finished next year on the Transfiguration Day by the seven Rilla lakes. Then there were 20 of us on a camp in the Rilla Mountain. On the Transfiguration Day Doycho led us to a place which, by his own account, was a place of power and would give answer to the question who had grown up to be a shaman and who had not. We were to make the Dervish Spinning exercise. He was just standing and looking how everyone was doing it and especially how everyone was falling. This exercise had to be done till the man lost his balance and fell to the ground. Later I understood that this was the way Doycho was determining who was to become a healer, who was to become herbalist and so on. I dont know if he said something to the others but to me he didnt say a word. I noticed, however, he quite often cast a glance at me. He had done it previously, too, so I didnt pay attention. After the exercise he left us to walk and do whatever we wanted but at 14.00 we were to be in the camp because he would tell us something very important and this would be the end of our training course.

Together with E., M. and Y., I walked to the Babreka (Kidney) Lake. This lake and the Okoto (Eye) one attracted me strongly. We walked. In a most natural way, we scattered and separated. In an hour I met Y. again. He was decorated with something I am not sure I should name in public. I had the same thing. So I smiled and told him:

- I dont know shall we become shamans or not but we will come back to the camp decorated as Gypsy brothers in law. - Then I also decorated myself with the thing.

- And what is wrong about it! he replied. Knowing how they decorate themselves with money, it would be just enough till the end of the year.

We went to the camp. When he saw us coming, Doycho stopped talking to the people around him, waved toward us to join and began staring at us.

- Where from did you get this with which you have decorated yourselves? he asked.

- Weve found it both we answered. Have we been looking like Gypsy brothers in law to you?

- Yes, you do said Doycho and turning to the others, ordered: - I want you all gathered in front of my tent after an hour. And you both come with me.

- Hey, wait, we should change clothes

- I wont wait! You will change clothes later. Sit down here! Nobody to disturb us till I am talking to them added he, not in commanding but still unfaltering voice.

There was something new in this voice of his. I hadnt heard him to order so firmly. We sat.

- Now, tell me who and how found the sign? I mean what you have decorated yourselves with.

We explained. Every one explained for himself. He was listening carefully, smoking. When we finished, he said:

- This is a sign from above. You have received the sign of Heaven that you are ready to go your own feet on the Way of Truth and Duty. You are already Ravens. Congratulations. From this moment you have nothing to do in the camp. Till evening, get away of this place!... Go wherever you wish, - he confirmed, - you have no business in the camp any more! And be aware not to say a word to the others why you are leaving! Nobody has the right to know the signs except those who have received them. If one day you have your own disciples you will comprehend the signs of Heaven on your own. Now listen to me carefully because what I shall tell you, you will never hear. I have taught you about how the secrets are being transmitted Mouth to Mouth and Mouth to Ear. Now I am giving you the last lesson of Bulgarian Kholobars tradition. Remember: the Shaman is for the men, the Kholobar is for the people, for the ethnos, and the An Kholobar is for the State and the Khan. You know the three stages. They have three levels each. The Nine makes the Ten. If Heaven shields you and the Higher Land gives its blessing to you, you will understand what I am talking about

He talked to us about an hour. Then he told me to go aside and began lowly talking to Y. After awhile he called me aside. His words were:

- I was looking at you when you were doing the Dervish Spinning. I took you in my training school because you are predestined. Remember what I am telling you and do not go astray because the Heaven keeps an eye on you You are not for a healer. You are not for a shaman or sorcerer. You bear the Word in yourself. When the time comes it will voice its worth. You are a messenger. Listen to your inner voice I wouldnt tell you who you are, - he gestured so that I should stay silent because I was nearly to ask. More important is to know that you are a messenger of the Word. Do not find fault with people! Be like a mirror: reflect them Go! And wait for your time to come. You have nothing to do here with me any more. There is nothing new I could teach you. You got the sign that you are approved from Above. From now on, you are a free shaman. Let the Heaven make you a Kholobar. Similar signs will show you whether you are ready. Its better not to seek for anyone and anything every time you are ready, the Heaven will be sending you the people and the signs. Farewell, Spas!

He turned sharply and went to his tent. I was standing confused and didnt know what to do. I wanted to ask him many things but he had given me to understand that the conversation was over. I saw him turning and shouting:

- Till sunset, be out of the camp both of you!

I went to the others. They had already rolled up their tents and picked up the racks. Somebody shouted at me:

- Hurry up! Theres a long way to the hut! We will be overtaken by the night!


Today, seven years later, I found that this very hut was named The Higher Land. The signs came one after another. And in the summer, in Rilla, came the Word, too. Then I realized why Old Bulgarians called the mountain URMA. And more and more confidently and categorically I perceived that the Doctrine-religion of the Bulgarians, of the God of Heaven Tang-Ra, is unique.

I hope the reader would manage to see through this deep and impossible to describe connection between the Knowledge the Tangraism has possessed and the spiritual level which the religious practice has been developing in the souls of the Bulgarians, so that thousands of years later we were able to write in our Tarnovo Constitution as a state level of spiritual maturity: Every slave who steps on this land becomes a free man!

A constitution article explicated from the Great Bequest of Tang-Ra: Not a Soul to enslave a Soul, and not a Spirit to mislead a Spirit!

A constitution article related to every soul which has stepped within the territory of Bulgaria - no matter what nation, race, ethnos, sex, etc.

How much have we lost when a tsar (a king) politically and spiritually frail has given the CHEST with our legacy? Maybe one day His Holiness the Pope will vouchsafe its return, or at least disclose what was in it, so that we could see the whole truth which has been scripted in. Its a pity and sorrow when you think it how a fallow mind could presume that killing fifty two of the elite clans to the last infant would run down what had been bequeathed by The One, who the Hunor1 Jesus defined as Who art at Heaven! People die or are killed but Heaven and its Messengers are not dependent on human outrages.

All one will read bellow is part of this great knowledge, which the tradition of the initiated into the Tangraism keeps till now. It is part of a Wholeness known in the past only by some civilizations like the Schumer one to which the Bulgarian tribe belongs, or the Egyptian one which even today preserves the knowledge of Universe. It is enough to recall only one of he bequests of its Wiseman the Three-time Great TOT:

You are not evil you havent evolved to be good!

The sons of the oldest and One Only God Tang-Ra twelve thousand years follow a road, a Truth, and lead mankind to Life as Jesus Christ bequeathed Himself: these sons are the people of the Capricorn of the Supernal Horse the One-Horned.


Chapter Two


Tang-Ra is the Almighty Sovereign, Singular, Inexplicable and Infinite as the Heaven where He abides forever.

Amon-Ra is His Son. The Son serves to all but he is answerable only before his Father. Tang-Ra has a countless number of Sons. Six of them are Amon-Ras brothers. Amon-Ra is not an Infinite. He is Almighty and Asymmetrical.

The Kholobar is a Servant and Son of Tang-Robe a decent servant and you will become Son of Heaven. Only the servant of people can become a Son of Tang0Ra.

Priest of Tang-Ra, be just and merciful!

Be good to the suffering and do not loose sight of those who through their own selves do not see these or the others!

Elaborate and give fatherly advice to the others!

Guard the seeking ones and support them! Create but do not possess, make he world around but do not look for fame! Rule but do not reign over it be pure and selfless as the Sunbeams, as the Spirit of Tang-Ra! Be a mirror of His Spirit, as the Moon reflects the Sunbeams; as the echo responds to the crying creature in space!

Do not pass a crying soul!

Learn to distinguish the praying one from the suffering one, the seeking one from the needing one, the weeping one from the whining one, the emotional one from the debauched one, the passionate one from the fanatic!

Nothing should insult you! All who have insulted you any way, they have insulted themselves! You are their reflection. You are reflection of the world.

Beware of the fanatics and the debauched!

Remember: both will hurt you. Both will try to make you similar to them to be alike. But you are a Kholobar of Tang-Ra, and the Kholobar reflects but does not accept and show, does not judge. He enlightens souls but does not blind and bind them.

Do not take fanatics and debauched souls for your disciples! You cannot be their benefactor.

You will achieve these qualities only if you master the four POWERS of the soul. If you become Quaternary in your unity and united in the four Powers your soul will be immortal and your spirit divine. The four Powers have their twin-brothers on Earth and they are called JILLS. Every Jill governs the souls according to a Power which governs it.


The four Jills of soul are as follows:

1. Southern Jill, which will give power to your word.

2. Northern Jill, which will give purity to your thought.

3. Eastern Jill, which will teach you how to serve people.

4. Western Jill, which will check the quality of your deeds.





The Word is given to you to explain the Doctrine.

The Word is you!

Become brother of the Seven Sons of the Word!




Saddle your Horse!

Keep a tight rein on your Horse!

Braid the tail of your Horse!






The world is not yours.

All Souls belong to the Heavenly Tang-Ra.

Watch that no Soul will enslave a Soul, and no Spirit will mislead a Spirit!

Be Marko Kriloviti (Wing-twisted), become Yan Bibi-yan2!





Do everything as it should be!

None of your deeds is for you!

Follow the lead of the bird through which you serve because it knows the way to the Higher Land!

The four Powers blow to the four directions of the Space. The Four Jills blow to the three directions of the World.

The first direction is Bagatur, The Second direction is Dragon, the Third direction is Hawk. Follow them! Observe them! Be faithful to the Cause. Gather the three into one and you will realize the secret of Life.

The four rules of the Kholobar, the priest of Tang-Ra, Son of Heaven and Brother of the souls on Earth, depend on three laws:

1. The four rules are Commandments to the Raven.

2. The four rules are Rules to the Eagle.

3. The four rules are Principles to the Hawk.


Chapter Five




The world is not yours.

All Souls belong to the Heavenly Tang-Ra.

Watch that no Soul will enslave a Soul, and no Spirit will mislead a Spirit!

Be Marko Kriloviti, become Yan Bibi-yan! 

The world is not yours! Dont consume it, but use of it whats necessary to you and allow yourself to be used by it.

The relation between you and the grass is as important as the relation between Sun and Earth. They enjoy each other. You are between them and you have work to do. The Heavenly Horse has brought you here to keep a tight rein on Mankind and direct its way toward Tang-Ra. He will lead your soul to Amon-Ra, when the Light of the Sun let you pass through. The time you are here, on Earth, run your horse and teach people how to run theirs. Dont forget: the world is run by reins and stirrups. And the spear shall be given to you when the Hawk advises you that the Dog agrees to serve you. Then the Wild Cat shall obey you and give you the secrets of Haven. The Wild Cat cannot be tamed, it only manifests when the Dog tells it that your soul is ready.

Respect the soul of every living creature. Respect the other soul higher than you respect yours. Take care of the souls that serve you and serve those you live with. Remember: if you enslave even one human soul on Earth, you will desecrate your home in Heaven. There are no desecrators by Tang-Ra.

No Soul to enslave a Soul and no Spirit to mislead a Spirit. This is a covenant. This is a commandment. Dont violate it neither by spirit, nor by any deed.

You have two hands to create: one hand to give and one to take the necessary for your living. Nothing else belongs to you. A handful that should be enough to you: a handful of wheat and a handful of gold is your measure and do not have any other.

When possible give both hands. If you give both hands they would always be full. But what you take both hands it will never be enough to you. What you take one hand let it be enough to you and your family.

This world is not yours. You are here till Marko Kriloviti cuts the three-gangs. Then Yan Bibi Yan will carry the good news to the Heavenly Mother.

This world is not yours. You are just a guest and servant of the One Who has sent you. There are two ways for the soul to live well in the world.

The first one is you and the world to become one, you being part of it. That is how the dead souls do.

The second one is to serve he waken souls, the well-meaning and he suffering using yourself for their full awareness. This is the way of the initiated sons of Tang-Ra. These are the Sons of the Lord. They are called BalG-Urs (Bulgarians) The Wise Teachers of Heaven. 

Chapter Ten



BalG-Urs being sons and delegates of Tang-Ra are being given the secret of His Personal Sign the Heavenly Tortoise. It is the Cosmic Traveler, the Soul creator of worlds and spawning the eggs of life. Since the Heavenly Tortoise is a Universal Resource of life, it stays with all planets of all star systems where life comes into being.

The Heavenly Tortoise is a Six polar sign which represents the Three Qualities of the BA-Souls when coming down in a material form and these qualities become the three essences of the KA-souls. This mutually inspired movement is harmonized in the centre of the sign which marks the Seventh essence the entity of Heaven and Earth. The six poles of a Spirit that has become a soul, and then Spirit again, but yet trained in experience, are Cosmic Principles of the matter and energy development. The two poles of the planet where the soul falls should be added. Thus every Evolution gives an Octave. But if we add the centre of Harmony, the total of the Sacred poles of Heaven and Earth becomes Nine just as many as on the Earth: two major magnetic poles - South (Yug) and North (Yud) and Seven minor ones.

The Tortoise has been a symbol of heavenly creature tramping across the space from time immemorial. The full secret of this sign is revealed in no one of the religious symbolisms of any single people on Earth. It has been known and spread only by the priests of Sumer especially of one of its tribes: the Hunors. They belong to the Bulgarian stock and keep the secrets of their kith and kin.

The Heavenly Tortoise shows as two triangles merging one into another and forming the endless spiral of transformations of the reel of life. It reflects the entity of Universe and the homogeneity of the Macro and the Micro. It personalizes not only the harmony as being a relation between pairs of opposites but the harmonizing of souls merging into one another and losing their sexual and personal belonging. The Tortoise as the Moebius strip is without beginning and end as the matter and energy transform into one another and in this way mark the immortality of the Spirit-Soul.

The Heavenly Tortoise also forms Six levels of emptiness the places where the neighbor planets deform their states responding to Our universe. According to the Principle of parities (counterparts) this Law applies to Mega-Galaxies, too, and further to the Galaxies and the Heptacle structures of the Star systems within them. And the total of the junctures (interfaces) reflected in the sign give the centres of the Twelve star systems (the Zodiac) which rule the development of the Souls that evolve in planetary systems like ours.

The specific symbols on the Cosmic Tortoise draw out also the Astronomic relations between constellations: the Great Bear (Charles Wain), Lesser Bear, Pleiades, Orion, Great Dog, Capricorn and Leo (Snow Leopard). We should add the secrets of the Eighth constellation Cassiopeia.

In the symbolism of the Tortoise the secrets of Creativity on a Universe level (the three arm swastika and souwastika), the secrets of creativity on a Star level, the secrets of the Earth (planetary) creativity (the four arm swastika-souwastika) and the secret of the Heavenly Horse movement when coming down into the matter to help people are to be found. As far as the Bulgarians are with a broken-in horse governed by rein and stirrup, this secret could not be pretended by any other nation. That is why we categorically state that the Jews have adopted and invented the Star and the Cross having equal arms as symbols of Israel and Jerusalem, but they are not of Jewish origin. Later the Popeism accepted the Cross having equal arms through the so called Maltese cross but the popes just like the Jews do not know its genuine symbolism. 

Symbolism of the THREE ARM Swastika and Souwastika


The basic symbols forming this sign are the Cross, the Space it encloses and the Point in its centre. This is an age old and only symbol of God the Maker on all levels of Creative work. The pointed three elements mean: the Whole, the Content and the Consequence. This symbol of God is principle and sexual because it is creative, i.e. developing a new level, bearing.

In Tang-Raism the Wholeness as energy of Governing is called Dum-Ay. The Space as a potential of Wholeness is called Zhan-Ay and the Creative work, the result, is Um-Ay.

In his fullness God is SYMMETRICAL. When starting to create, he becomes ASYMMETRICAL. i.e. TRIUNICAL (of three). Therefore, the Three-arm Cross (the Triquester) is His sign.


The movements of the energies in each system are Swastikal and Souwastikal (clockwise)


Souwastikal three arm sign Yug (South), Swastikal Yud (North) and of a mixed type


We showed the Basic sign of the Creative (asymmetrical) Universal God. When developing his Creative energy, God comes out of the confines of his Own harmony. Graphically, this process is marked by means of the line going out of the circle. Then Tang-Ra - the Creative principle of the Universe is realized by his son Amon-Ra the creative energy of the planetary system. All this has the following graphical expression:


The so called Crutch (for yarn) is a symbol of the creative energy of Tang-Ra applied in the Universe to the STARS level. When through his sons (Amon-Ra) God creates in the matter, to his sign (the Crutch) the signs of the spiritual essences of the polarized souls of Man and Woman are added. This sign is a derivative of the very Tang-Ra as a Dynamic essence. As we pointed at the beginning, this idea could be illustrated by the diameter of the circle. Now the diameter is a vertical straight line symmetrically located round the sign of God. This sign illustrates the coming of God down to a planetary level.


What we have written thus far defines the creative work of the God of Heaven on planetary (material) level thats why it is a symbol of his Son the Star, too. In our case the star is the Sun.


The sign of the Sun determines that It Itself when creating will also have its three symbols direct derivates of the Three arm symbolism. This three additional information levels are expressed by the following signs:


Through these three signs (ideograms) the three processes of creative work have been illustrated.

Amon-Ra is a consubstantial creator to his Father, therefore the two identical signs (a circle with a point in the middle) mean: the Creative work on Macro and Micro levels is identical and consubstantial. We have reached the secret of the symbol In likeness. This is the way Tang-Raism reveals the resemblances of God and his own creation but not as an elementary physical identification.

Here are the great words of Hermes: What is above such is Bellow!

Let us go back to the topic: the Heavenly Tortoise the sign of Tang-Ra.

The two three arm signs described and decoded so far illustrate also the common principle of he planets movement in every Star system. This is the graphical sign of the Tortoise when it does not reflect Universal and Star ideas but only planetary ones. The six centres of the movement of energies along the points of the Swastikal-Souwastikal canals plus the point of the Divine Logos give the graphical sign of the Tortoise.


And if we connect all centres of the movement of Spirit till it becomes a Soul and then Spirit again, we have the sign of the Heavenly Tortoise symbol of the Universal Father Tang-Ra.


It is necessary that we should explain why just the Tortoise is chosen to be a symbol of the Heavenly Father. Of course, it is no accident. We shall number the most important reasons:

1. Tortoise is a guest to Earth. It does not belong to the earth creation. Guarding the bone system and the flesh with horny forms is an activity of different creative work, in a different place in our universe. The process is worked-out and under control by Higher Spirits that live in the Eighth constellation of our Universe which has been shown as one of the most important in the symbolism of the Tortoise in the beginning of this chapter. Tortoise is a cosmic traveler in the full sense of the word.

2. Tortoise has a Soul (blood) with constant and unchanging in any circumstances specifics. In modern medicine it is known as the blood group 0 (Zero). This is the basic, ancestral blood component of all living souls in the Elohims creative work on Moon and in the Third Fundamental Race on Earth the Mother of mankind Lilith and Allah. All species of that family have this blood group which is the mother of the rest.

3. All tortoises, whatever their kind, have on their shell helmets 25 circularly situated horny plates - plus 13 in the centre. These 13 are situated in the following order: 5 in the very centre and two fours on both sides next to them. The five ones located along the spinal column. One of the 25 is the Asymmetrical centre of the Central Sun which is in the Pleiades. These plates illustrate the movement of the Solar system via its Ecliptic. For us the 24 plates have sacral meaning.

The Twenty Four illustrate a deep secret about the universal structure of the Spiritual plan of God the Father. In the Apocalypse of John the Theologian they are described as Twenty Four old men. Here we shall only say that these plates illustrate God (Tang-Ra, the Circle) when being Symmetrical. In the centre of this Circle is the Heart of the Tortoise.

We shall look in details over the following Thirteen plates because if the Circle is the Symmetrical, field God, and the inner ones symbolize the Dynamical (Asymmetrical) Creative God.


The three tortoises we see below illustrate the triunity Creativeness: the Spirit, Soul and Matter levels.

For the sake of convenience, we shall call them: Central, Front and Tail tortoises.

These tortoises, entwined as an entity Creativity, expressed through their plates look like this: 

Front Tortoise

Central Tortoise

Tail Tortoise


It is clear to see that each of the three signs has a centre which is a base of the next level of creativeness. Let us put it more definitely: every Centre of whichever of the Tortoises is the Head of the next Tortoise. Or: the place of the poles harmonizing is the place of bringing to life the next level. The Third Tortoise which has no personal centre is given such by Heaven this is the Sex centre of the Central Tortoise. We would like to be more precise: 

1. First level UNIVERSE

Graphical sign: 

This is the Central Tortoise its centre is also centre of the Circle. Its head is the Centre of Harmony of the Front Tortoise, and its tail is the centre of Harmony of the Tail (the Third) Tortoise. The Level of Creativity is a Universe level it illustrates God (Tang-Ra) in his state of Symmetry. Spirit. Ideas. DUM-AY. 

2. Second level GALAXY

Graphical sign: 

It is symbolized by the Front Tortoise. Its Centre of Harmony is the Head of the Central Tortoise the Universe. It reflects the dynamics of Tang-Ra to fill the Universe with Creative structures (Stars, Suns). This is the Female essence of God the Mother. Heart. Water. ZHAN-AY. 

3. Third level STAR SYSTEMS (a Sun and planets)

Graphical sign: 

It is symbolized by the Third Tortoise the Tail one. Its Centre of Harmony is the tail of the Central Tortoise the place where the nuclei of the Universe create in the matter.

Let us specify that the Central Tortoise is a symbol of structuring the Universe. The graphical changes which could be noticed when it goes to a Galaxy level express their own symmetry (in a geometrical sense). These two tortoises have their Centres. All their parts are symmetrically situated towards their centre.

The Third Tortoise (the Tail or planetary one) changes to the extent that it loses its sacral centre of harmony. The connection between its extremities is direct. Its six centres do not dispose of a common seventh centre (heart). The figure categorically speaks for a symbolic separation of the energizing by couples (pairs) to the left and to the right. It illustrates the Godlike Man ADAM Cadmon the androgenic, still harmonic as the Male-Female energy but yet polarized and denied the opportunity of connecting with the Central Deity the Heart of the Creator. This is the time just before dividing AdAm to two essences Adam and Eve.

From the merged drawing of the Tortoises we can see that the sex centre of the Central Tortoise is in the missing centre of the Tail Tortoise which gives us information that the genitals and the sex centres (ovaries and testicles) are in direct energy connection. They are fully determined and completely ready for a self-dependent living. The next step of changes is clear: one more (deeper) level of plunging in the matter is imminent, hence Adam and Eve separate and begin to create by means of their sex systems activated by the sex centre of the Heavenly God not the planetary one because when it comes to be, the symbol is already different.

When the Planetary Deity decides to create like the Heavenly Father, it begins to interpret Him but it lacks the ability to energize its creative centre. This means it could not give Life, could not enliven things. When it succeeds to master this process the first people are born but they are not children of Adam but of the Elohimic God and the Planetary God. The first human beings are two kinds. Two sons have been born by Two Gods and one woman Eve. This is the symbol of the Jewish star: creation but with antagonistic relations between the creative works. The two triangles of David do not merge into one another but contradict to one another. They have no Centre of harmony. The behavior of the First son of the Planetary prince Kane, testifies it. And the proof is the murder of the Heavenly son Abel. 

Later the Third Creation is born of Adams and Eves souls Seth is born. He is the first human son. Let us not forget that in Egyptian religion he is Set. The loan is obvious. But the secret of the content enclosed is different. Thus on Earth the Third creation of the Third Tortoise begins to develop. It is inherited by the kith and kin of Kane and Seth.

We hope the reader has understood the specifics of content of this symbolism in Tang-Raism. We shall continue a little further about the Third Tortoise.

The Third Tortoise symbolizes the creativity of the Third essence of Tang-Ra the SON (Amon-Ra), therefore now we shall speak only about the creativeness of the Son. His Head is the Centre of the Central Tortoise, the centre of the Circle (see the merged three tortoise drawing). It represents the Matter (the Earth, for us). Body. Kingdoms. Sexes. Being. UM-AY. Since the Head of Um-Ay is the Centre of the Circle - the beginning of the creation work of the Universe, He is the Alpha and Omega of the creation of the Heavenly Tang-Ra. Or: the Ideas of God when becoming Dynamical, are the Head (the Mind) of His Son who creates into the matter. And because his own Creativity is in the Matter, he the Son is also the Omega of his Fathers creativeness.

Jesus Christ plainly proved the existence of the Heavenly Father and that the Soul in us must fulfill the Law of the Planetary God so that the Spirit, in which are yet the soul qualities worked-out in the being, could tear apart of earth fields and leave the confines of the Tama (the Dusk). Thus the creativity of YUD (North) will reach the creativity of YUG (South) and the BA-souls would be able to return to their Father. And the KA-souls will be given their spiritual evolution.

The Heavenly Father (Tang-Ra) together with his Son (Amon-Ra) through the sacrifice of the Soul Jesus Christ gives this chance to mankind - the mankind on Earth. This is the reason Jesus could state: I am Way, Truth, and Life.

The sign on this level gives information also about the Prince of the planet and the Planetary Logos that represents a scheme of the Third sign (the Jewish star) but with arms not merged as in the scheme of the Tail Tortoise. The Jewish one is with horizontal arms and shows two antagonistic triangles. In any of the Three signs of the Heavenly Tortoise there are not horizontal arms and nowhere the figures contradict to each other but merge into one another. In fact, the Jewish sign illustrates the Heavenly and Earth triangles as contradictory essences and creativities.

The Star of David illustrates the processes when dividing Adam and Eve into two independent, sexually determined creatures. It informs about the long process of opposition between the Male and Female principles on the matter levels. The lack of a Centre in the sign proves that even on a creativity level Jehovah does not make harmonic creatures but antagonistic souls that come together only by the attraction of them being Flesh of their Flesh. This is the lowest level of Life the carnal level.

These are the Three energy plans (projects) of Heaven, in which Spirit, Soul and Body mark the Way of evolution in its three levels: Universes, Stars and Planet forms. These are the Three bodies of man for which eastern religions beat about the bush.

Without any hints and picture puzzles we shall tell what we know about the Heavenly Tortoise and Man. The truth is simple ad short: the Heavenly Tortoise is Man, and Man is the Heavenly Tortoise. The physical body of Man is a likeness to the Heavenly Father personalized by His sacral symbol the Tortoise.

Let the reader carefully follow these lines to get it right how Tang-Raism sees the likeness between God and Man in its physical aspect.

As a structure, the human body is created after the model of the Third Tortoise the Planetary one. Its Head corresponds to the Thymus, the Two forepaddles of the Tortoise correspond to the Two centres of the Chi energy which are in the Lungs, and the Two hindpaddles correspond to the Kidneys and the Tail to the sex system. In the centre of this figure is the Solar plexus.

Thus the physical creator of the matter Amon-Ra through the Elohimic body (Elli) of the Solar system creates after the Program and Method of the Heavenly Father.

But at the human figure the other two tortoises the Front and the Central ones, present, too. Their structures are inculcated on the system of Endocrine glands and energy centres. To be clearer, we should add that the Three energy centres (wheels) in the head and throat have no analogical centres in the tortoise. The Third eye and the Monadic wheel are centres of the Heavenly man in us and they correspond to the two essences of God the Circle and its Content. The Monad is a centre of Tang-Ra (the seventh chakra), and the Third eye is a centre of Amon-Ra and Elli. They have their polar places respectively in the two hemispheres of the brain. We have a categorical opinion that the Monadic centre is out of influence. If they knew this, many of those who claim to work and awake the Seventh wheel (chakra) would be quite more careful and would not manifest their ignorance so abruptly.

The throat centre is the place, the seat of the Astral body and it is ruled by The Planetary Hierarchy. This centre is self-dependent, too. The three upper wheels (chakras) are the Gods presence in us and mark the crisis of the transformation of soul.

Let us look precisely to the following drawing: 



Solar plexus





Uterus or Prostate

Sexual glands


The Three Tortoises and the human organism 

We see that the Solar plexus is Head of the Central Tortoise and Centre of the Front Tortoise. In the centre of the Central Tortoise the Tail of the Front one and the Head of the Tail (planetary) one come together. Navel is the place of Life. We can also see that the Tail of the Central Tortoise is in the centre of the genitals. Just bellow it is the Tail of the Tail Tortoise which belongs to the perineum i.e. to the first wheel (chakra).

The eight side centres (the paddles of the Three Tortoises) mark the organs of the body connected with its most important functions. Some of them are double and it has a deep esoteric meaning. In fact, the Central Tortoise energizes and controls the Kidneys, the Spleen and the Liver (the Gall). We know from Tang-Raism that the Spleen is the main distributor of the energies through the body, and the Kidneys are a seat of the Second essence of Tang-Ra the Holy Ghost. The gall-bladder is mother of the privy cells of the organism and plays an exceptional role in structuring the human body accordingly to Fate.

Human organism is Triple, Three-essential and Triunity related to its Specifics. All in it is subordinate to the Law of Quaternity.

Human body is a symbolic model of our universe. Egypt knows and keeps this Heavenly secret. A lot more could be said about the structure and the energy centres but we consider that it has become obvious how deeply and in detail Tang-Raism knows Man and Being. There are not parables and scholastic phrases in it in them we more often perceive ignorance rather than Gods truths as the Bible, for instance, struggles to suggest. In Tang-Raism all is knowledge. Beyond it, there is only moral and responsibilities.

Through this analysis we again come to the Seven which consists of 3+4, where Three is the Heavenly Tang-Ra and Four is ELLI, or the Solar Elohim. During the period of the Lunar creativity they are Tang-Ra and Allah. The graphical expression of this Elohimism is the following: 



Elli (Allah) 

Now we can generalize:

The Three Tortoises in a united system express the CENTRE of Spirit, Soul and Matter.

The Three Central scutums (the Centres of the three tortoises) give the Three Methods of creativity: Mind, Heart and Sex. The Mind (the Head) of the Central tortoise is the Heart of the Mother (the Front tortoise); the Heart of the Central tortoise is the Head of the Son (the Tail tortoise) and the Heart of the Son is the Quality of Matter which is always sexually determined. In these Three centres all is harmony. They reflect the harmony of relations between the three levels of creativity in our universe.

The UM (Mind)-method works with the Seven Sons of the Word and for that reason it has Seven Personal levels. Every mind3, every human creature emanates on those of the Seven mind waves which it has already worked out in its evolution. The sum of the awakened waves determines the personal specifics of the major wave of mind activity. Thus every human being has an individual wave characteristic which is not the same in any one else. The five brain ventricles, or as we call them in Tang-Raism the Five bosoms of the Bride, determine these specificities.

The Heart- and Sex-methods have one single own, personal wave each. Thus the total of the specific personal wave of a definite person has Seven major levels of vibration. Within the range of possibility, we can explain that the Two waves give the shades in the specifics of the Five major ones. Since every one of the Seven waves is heptacle itself we have forty nine basic variants of the Mind wave characteristic.

The Seven Wheels (chakras) for which the East tells and the existence of which, by the way, nobody has proved yet, are nothing else but an additional level of the specifics of the General electric field of the human organism called AURA.

Too much is spoken about the colors of the Aura and that of the highly evolved humans it is Gold (yellow), Violet, etc. We state that the color of each Aura around mans head is strictly dependent on the Seven waves of the brain - of the mind. Thats why the Golden White and the White are the best variant because the white color means that all of the Seven waves work in full synchronization. The Violet shade gives information about an entirely different kind of souls. The pure white aura with golden lining speaks about a Soul that has evolved successfully in Seven earlier epochs. Such an aura on Earth in the present Fifth Fundamental race has had only the Great Hunor Jesus.

The Three shown methods have their profile variants according to the kind of tortoise they are in. As we are trying to understand, the specificities of the mind, heart and sexual activity of a single human person is unutterably complex and many-planned. Here is the main indication for a group of souls which Tang-Raism qualifies as a RAHT (RATH). This sacral word4 which the reader will follow in the Chapter about the Sacred words in Tang-Raism is a code for a similar quality of souls. The analysis shows: Ra is a cosmic level of energy and HT (or TH thau) a divine quality. RAHT determines the result of the soul quality.

Full analysis requires adding the specifics of the Endocrine glands and only then we have the Whole wave characteristic of the Soul of the Aura of the human organism.

Maybe, the reader already understands how easy it is for the modern man to become polluted so that he could not evolve the right way and how irresponsible is our behavior towards alcohol, tobacco and food.

From the sign of Tang-Ra we learned that the Universe is Triunity and every one of these three plans is constitutionally connected with the other two. So what comes next is that it is not possible a process going in one of the plan not to affect the others. In the Information level processes run immediately and fully as they do in our own bodies the Heart and Mind centres of which occur to be connected directly with the God of the Universe. The Micro and Macro are perfectly merged and consubstantial as principles. Thats why the Hunor Jesus in his rank of Alpha and Omega could say: I and My Father are one! And the Heavenly one to confirm: This is My beloved Son. Follow him!

The sacred words in Tang-Raism which reflect the Third Creativeness (of the Son in the Matter) are as follows. On the first place: TATA, MAMA, BABA, KAKA and BEBE. Their accompanying words are: CHICHI, CHINCHIN (CHINKA), LELE (Lelya) and on the third place: TSITSI5. We should view them in detail because they reflect the mentioned above creative processes but as a creativeness in the Matter, i.e. all of them have been realized on Earth. 


Graphical symbol: 

Information: Energy. The Heavenly God-Son (Amon-Ra) activating the matter around Himself for the forthcoming creativity. Asymmetrical, containing both the Male and Female essences as a harmonic activated potency. Creation of planets. 


Graphical symbol: 

Information: Water. Matter is organized and polarized. The substance Water is separated out of it in its two variations. The particle Ma means water. Ma-Ma: water water. In the Bible, it corresponds to the dividing of the water bellow and above the Firmament. Activation of the Female principle. 


Graphical symbol:


Information: The Heavenly soul (BA) as an androgenic, integral, coming down into the matter to create. Father and Mother, Man and Woman. Adam Cadmon the androgen.



Graphical symbol: 

Information: Adam and Eve. Sexually determined. Being on Earth. Able to bear. These are the Ba-souls that have fallen deep into the matter and have become Living material souls (KA). The forefathers of mankind.



Graphical symbol: none - because it reflects the fruit of men in general.

Information: the creativity of souls in Earth plan. Marked by the symbols of the Heavenly soul (Ba) because inside it is a Spirit that is from Heaven and still pure as it with no activated Astral body (BE). 


Information: Beginning of kith and kin and tribes. This is a Ka-soul

parallel in birth to the Father but with unmarked number in the row. Every soul born by the Mother of BABA i.e. of the Father and of his sex is Chichi (today: Chicho). Chichi marks the beginning of a new tribe of a stock of souls. In Tang-Raism it is known that in a kin only such Ba-souls are being born that have similar programs of evolution. Thus Chichi informs us for the kin movements of the Ba-souls when fallen into the matter as Ka-souls. They represent a branch of the creation of the Father. The Father and Chichi are two parallels of a common beginning: brothers. 


ChakChak or ChinChin symbolizes the wife of CHICHI. In its full information plan it is CHI-IN-KA which means: CHI fathers brother, IN Female soul and KA a soul in the matter.

The last syllable is important because there are souls the names of which allow understanding that it is speaking of a highly evolved soul that is not KA any more. These souls could be in the matter but more often they are not in their own bodies. Such souls have personal secret names that give to the Kholobar information about their level. 


Information: Lele symbolizes all women in the parallel row to he fathers tribe. They are sisters of the Father and do not belong to the tribe because they would marry somewhere out of it but they are the same flesh and blood with the souls of the tribe. Gradually people have become to call lelyas all the elder women as a gesture of respect. To call a woman lelya means to tell her soul that you acknowledge she is a sister of your father.

These eight sacred words in Tang-Raism give information about the way the Program of the Creator on the group incarnation of souls and the relations they obligatorily hold has been designed.


Graphical symbol: 

Information: Tsi-Tsi symbolizes the secondary sex features of woman the breasts. The syllable tsi illustrates the energy of life in the space. An energy potential realizing the opportunity of a biological object to exist in an energy level without a matter carrier (body) is indicated. Tsi-energy represents a highly organized energy and material structure where the matter is of a supreme order, unknown to people. Nevertheless, the legends speak that the case in point is about the energy of the cosmic fire and the matter of the Ether.

The organs of the human body that receive this energy are the nostrils and the Thymus. The Thymus receives the energy (called prannah in India) coming through the nostrils of man to the two parts of his lungs, distributes it and via blood it reaches every cell of the organism. The nostrils take in all the energy but some of it they direct straight to the brain where it reaches the cells of the two hemispheres. Thus the way of Tsi becomes quaternally.

The Tsi potential that once has reached the lungs is being re-distributed again feeding the milk centres of the breasts their nipples. Thus mothers milk is supplied with cosmic energy and as a consequence the baby, too. The existence of two womans breasts determines the absorption of Tsi. The Spirit-Soul (BA) materialized into a form and having become Ka, is named BeBe. This BeBe (baby) is being fed with the cosmic energy Tsi. Therefore, in ancient times breastfeeding continued till there was mothers milk and obligatorily at both breasts because Tsi is bipolar and changes minus to plus and vice versa according to day or night. Let us only remember the Bulgarian fairy tale about the younak (stalwart) who has sucked for 20 years

As for the deep specifics of the womans beasts and their connection with the cosmos, we can only add that the baby feeds up its organism rhythmically sucking milk periodically supplied by the ionic streams of the constellations. When the great initiated man of Egypt Hermes spoke about the influence of the constellations upon man he thought in the first place of the breastfeeding. It is extremely harmful for the baby to stop sucking before being turned one year. The twelve meridians of the organism work out their specifics mainly through feeding the organs up at the breasts. Without drowning into details, we can also add that according to our knowledge if the baby has not been sucking in a certain month of its first year, all its organs supplied by the related star system would be weak throughout its whole life. In the first place it is the respiratory system because it supplies the entire organism with TSI. This system works out its specifics during the first month after birth. Then mainly the specific of the lung system is developed to absorb the TSI energy under the impact of the constellations which shine in the period.

It follows from this that the word TSITSI informs about working out of energy specifics extremely important for the baby. This sacral word in Tang-Raism does not belong to the major ones but it is examined along with them because every human creature that has become BeBe (a baby) obligatorily enters the TSI labyrinth.

The Heavenly Tortoise reflects also the movements of the Solar system by the Ecliptic and the Constellations the ionic flows of which work out the evolution of the souls in this system. The location of the Zodiacal symbols in its key points (nodes) informs the Kholobars of Tang-Ra about the processes a certain soul would pass in its spiritual development. The place of each is strictly regulated and gives awareness even about the relation on a soul (peoples) level. We shall look at this subject in detail in the book The Esoteric Astrology of Tang-Raism which is in the making. This astrology in contrast to the classical one is not concerned with the movements of the planets but with the Way and Character of the soul in life. The Zodiac definition is too relative for the ideas of Tang-Raism.


From this graphical sign of the Heavenly Tortoise Jews excerpt the scheme of the Star of David but as we said in the beginning it has no centre and does not follow the natural line of Spirits movement toward matter where the spirit becomes a Soul and again set off to its Heavenly Father the One for whom speaks the Hunor Jesus. The lack of centre robs the creativeness of connection with the Universe and here comes the conclusion that Jehovah is not the god for whom Jesus Christ speaks. Jehovah is not related to the creativity of the Universe but only of the planet and the tribe of Judeans (Israelites).


This sign marks the Alpha the first-born Son of the Creator the Logos of the God. Jews have no point in the middle because their god is not the Son, not the Logos of Heaven but only the planetary Logos.



Here we finish with the three-arm cross but on a Matter level the symbolism of the Tortoise is not finished.

On a Planetary Creation level realized by the energies of Tang-Ras Son Amon-Ra the Creator of Matter, the sign is the following one:


This sign marks the realized creation of the two major Creative matters Water and Earth. The vertical line marks the coming of the Spirit down deep into the material levels and the horizontal line reads the two poles of the matter polarized by the energy of the planet. On a Man-creation level it is the Gods creation of the Androgen Adam Cadmon the epicene man. Creator is the Elohim: 

When Man comes down to the matter to create he loses the circle and his main symbol becomes the Equal-arm cross: spirit and matter in balance and harmony. It is Man beyond the confines of Gods presence.

This process in the Creativity of God the Creator of Man is reflected in the sign from the Bulgarian Glagolhitsa (the First sacral Bulgarian alphabet) known as Az6.


The letter Az reflects the Principle of any creation in our Galaxy. This is Tang-Ra. This is the Man consubstantial to God. And it is the basic sign for making the complex and deep symbolism of the whole Glagolhitsa. In the Glagolhic signs of the Bulgarian alphabet there is not a single symbol to express any fortune-telling and mantic analogies but there is Knowledge, plenty of knowledge.

When the Elohim makes on Earth the Divine aspect of the Asymmetry is expressed in a mark illustrating the coming of the Spirit down into the matter.


The horizontal line expresses the development of the asymmetry inside the material creativity as a personal, individual but mutual wholeness of all levels and kingdoms (Crystal, Vegetable, Animal and Human). The poles of the horizontal line are called Dum-ay (male, right) and Zhan-ay (female, left).

When the poles of Dum-ay and Zhan-ay develop each on its own they are marked this way: 

This is creativity of the sexes. The Cosmic Man is yet not androgenic but sexually determined (limited).

This sign gives information about all processes of the creation in our Solar system.

The Equal-arm Cross sign is also Swastikal-Souwastikal. 

This ancient idea is marked even on the ring of the Priest Bogomil7 because the direction of the Balgurs is South the souwastika. 

The Swastikal-Souwastikal movement of the planets and the impact of this movement on the Creativeness of the Elohim are indicated in one more symbolic sign known by the Bulgarians and belonging only to them because they were the only to have stirrups on their horses. The proto-Bulgarians rode their horses with a stirrup which means they ruled their horses with all their body. This is a symbol of statesmanship.

The above mentioned Swastikal-Souwastikal four-arm sign is the main pace of the Heavenly Horse, too the One-horned, the Horse of the Heavenly Teachers the Balgurs.

The horse of the Bulgarians can make all kinds of paces just because it is ruled also by the stirrups of the rider.

The Equal-arm Cross of the Bulgarians carries the symbolism of the horses move in the great game of the cosmos the CHESS.

It reflects the main Principle of harmonizing a couple the Octave. 

At the end we shall provide some examples of succession in the sacral symbolism kept till nowadays in the Bulgarian folk art. From the embroideries, wooden-cut ceilings and Christian temples the old-Bulgarian knowledge stares upon us. Our whole folklore is a brilliant example of this heritage. 


We shared part of the secrets of the Tang-Ras Kholobars who thanks to God Boris the First did not manage to kill.

Thus is how a calendar like the Bulgarian one is possible to make one of the most precise because it requires excellent knowledge of the Heavenly sphere and the place of Earth within. The sign of Tang-Ra the Cosmic Tortoise, is a resource of enormous information about the Universe if only known.


Chapter Thirteen


The last thing to examine is the Symbol of Tang-Ra which the Kholobars wore to be distinguished from the others and which expressed all that was said about the knowledge of Tang-Raism. It is speaking of the Plait of Tang-Ra the one that can be seen on the cover of this book. Before beginning to analyze it we consider necessary to tell the reader that in the process of writing this book information came which the author thinks was a gift of Heaven. It just came unexpectedly and in a sudden sleepy obsession. I remember that days on end I wondered how exactly the plait of Tang-Ra had been looking because the traditional legend talked about it but the last data had been from the times of the Great Hunor Jesus. Pilates Pontius said about it very clearly: And his hair red and wearing hairs done. Which means: plait. We know that wearing a plait showed the grade level and expressed the rank of the Kholobar. For the AN Kholobar he spiritual functionary of the Khans R(h)at (the Kaganate) the plait was obligatory.

The fact that Jesus wore Hairs done means only one thing he was initiated in the secrets of Tang-Raism and had the highest AN initiation. For us this is the Third historically proved testimony that he belonged to the rank of the BalG-Urs.

And so, I suddenly felt drowsy. And quickly I sank into sleep. I clearly remember how I heard the words:

We show You the Plait of Tang-Ra. In front of me I saw a mans head with high cheek-bones and a bit of Mongol-like type. He was young-faced and his eyes looked at me without winking. The head turned around. I saw the scruff of the neck and a nice plait falling. When I began examining it, it came very close to my face as if in a vary-optics and I saw a very smooth and pretty way of plaiting in two parts. Then I again heard the voice: See how it looks full-face. The head turned around again, so I saw clearly where the forelocks which had made up the Upper plait started from, then the ones that had made up the Second plait and finally the Third one. The whole head turned again, drew backward and vanished. I woke up immediately. I began drawing what I had seen. Now I present the Plait of Tang-Ra as I saw and drew it then.

I can only add that the Plait of the Heavenly God Creator consists of three parts personalizing the Three Tortoises we already talked of. From the legends we know that it has been a distinctive feature of the Balgurs, Burgurs and Kargurs as they called the priests of Tang-Ra.

Each of them had the right to wear a strictly defined Plait which showed his grade in the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Bulgarians. The Raven (Kargur) wore one plait falling along the spinal column. Its three parts were determined by the central part of the hair over the forehead and two forelocks (Left and Right) from the hair around the temples to the neck. The central part was two-forelocked because the hair was parted. The wife and daughters of the Raven wore each Three plaits on their head weaved into a string and free falling on the back. 


The Eagle (Burgur) wore the same plait but every part of it had been composed of a double forelock taken from each half of the head after which gathered together they compounded a common string. The hair was parted. Forelocks came out of the two halves of the skull three out of each, and every forelock was put together with the equivalent one of the other half: from the parting to the temple (a), from the temple to the ear (b) and from the back side of the ear to the neck (c). The plait fell free along the Spinal column. The wife and daughters of an Eagle Kholobar wore Six plaits on the head of each, free or weaved in a string over the head. 





The Falcon (Balgur) wore the Triple Plait. It was fully identical to the one shown on the cover of this book (see the plait of the Falcon). Its first part was on the right half of the head, consisted of three forelocks of hair which started consecutively over the right ear (c), the right temple (b) and the right half of the pate (a). It illustrated the Central Tortoise.

The second plait was on the left half of the head consisting of also three forelocks of hair from the middle line of the head (the parting) to the temple (d), from the temple to the upper part of the ear (e) and from the hair behind the left ear (f). It illustrated the Front Tortoise.

The third plait consisted of two braids plaited of the hair behind and below the right ear (g, h) plus the hair below the left ear (i). It illustrated the Third Tortoise the Tail one. 










Drawing of the plait of a Falcon Kholobar 

The three plaits of the falcon were weaved consecutively one into another till the compound of the whole Plait was done. After the first weaving every forelock of hair merged only with that forelock of the other plait that corresponds to it: a+d+g; b+e+h and c+f+i, after which all nine forelocks of hair formed again the three common forelocks (braids) of the Plait. The An Kholobar, member of the Kaganate, wore its plait over his right shoulder. All other Falcons did the same plait but were obliged to wear it on their backs along the line of the Spinal column.

The wife and daughters of the An Kholobar wore twelve braids each symmetrically plaited from both sides of the parting dividing the hair into two equal halves. All were weaved into a String over the head or fell free on their backs.

The Plait of the Kholobar illustrates the unity of the Evolution energy of the Three-gangs, of the Three energy flows in Man. The one who wears a Falcon plait is a creature already evolved.

We entreat the reader to pay attention to a fact in the sacral symbolism of Christianity. In the Bulgarian painting we find an icon in which the hairs of the Archangels are all plaited. We speak of the icon The council of the Archangels at the Prissov monastery of the Tryavna icon-painting school. Maybe, a remote tradition has met with response in the spiritual search of the iconographer. Or the old knowledge has come to the new religion to proclaim that it is one and the same and indefeasible through the centuries. As the Kumtsi become Kums8 in the Christianity but yet a matrimonial couple who later become godfathers of the newly weds children.




1. Hunors one of the Bulgarian tribes that lived in the region of the Yellow River, China. In the sagas of Tang-Raism it is one of the sacerdotal (Kholobars) tribes of the Bulgarians. An analogy leads us to the kin of Aaron in the Book of the Jews. According to the same resource Jesus of Nazareth was a Hunor he wore a plait (braid) over his shoulder as written in the description of Pilate Pontius. Part of this tribe emigrated in Egypt. Latest research concludes more and more importunately that Jesus was a Hunor-Aramean rather than a Jew.

2. Marko Kriloviti (Wing-twisted) is an authors interpretation this folklore personage is known as Marko Kraleviti (Kings son, Prince) and has his real prototype brave, strong warrior defending the poor and the slaves; Yan Bibiyan a hero of a fantasy story created by the Bulgarian writer Elin Pelin Yan is a small boy who goes to the Moon.

3. The Bulgarian word um means mind, brain.

4. The Bulgarian word raht means host.

5. Tata papa, mama mama, baba grandma, kaka older sister, bebe baby, chichi uncle (papas brother), chinchin (chinka) aunt(chichis wife), lele (lelya) aunt (papas sister), tsitsi tits.

6. The Bulgarian word for I, Me.

7. Leader of a religion movement in mediaeval Bulgaria the refugees of which (after Bogomils burn) make branches in Western Europe known as the Catarrhs, Albigenses and others.

8. In Bulgarian kumtsi is the plural of kumets; we wrote kums as a plural of the new word but actually the plural in Bulgarian is kumove.




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