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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Reported at the International Science Conference Bulgaria in the World History and Civilizations spirit and culture. Varna, BG, 2005





I. Short summary of the fairy-tale content.


Once upon a time, a princess called Snow White lived. She was of beauty undreamed of and mild, devout character. For a pity, she was motherless and had a stepmother, wife of her father king of the people, and this stepmother hated her. The queen was very beautiful and could not stand the notion that there might be any other woman more beautiful than her. This fixed idea she often checked though her mirror which was magic. One day the mirror said that Snow White, the stepdaughter of the Queen, was already grown more beautiful than her. Soon the beauty and goodness of Snow White became kingdom, and even beyond kingdoms confines, famous. A handsome prince saw her and immediately fell in love with her. He decided to visit the King and ask for her hand.


Fuming, the evil stepmother decided to kill Snow White. For the purpose, she called a hunter and frightening him with death punishment sent him in the woods together with Snow White where he was supposed to kill her. But the hunter took pity on the beautiful child and left her warning her not to return because the evil stepmother would kill her.


Snow White went alone through the forest and assisted by the wood-animals reached a small nice but quite messy house. Good in her soul as she was, she immediately clutched at work: getting into order, sweeping, cleaning and cooking, and so on.


At that time in the mountain, deep in its womb, seven small mannikins dwarfs, mined out precious stones. They were very industrious. When it got dark, the dwarfs came back to their house and they found surprisingly that they had a guest who had placed in order their home and had cooked a delicious dish. They found her sleeping and for a long time eyed her beauty, till one of them Grumpy, said something in an angry voice and she woke up.


Hearing the reason for her exile, all dwarfs, except for Grumpy, decided that she should stay and live with them.


The evil witch-Queen, however, did not surrender and decided to go into the forest and poison Snow White. She managed to do her harm by means of an apple which she made by her own. She decoyed the girl to taste it and Snow White fell down dead. The dwarfs came and found her dead but she looked absolutely as if alive, as if only sleeping. Then they decided that they would not burry her, but would put her body under a bell-glass and would guard it every day absorbed in grief.


The embittered Queen decided to take revenge over the dwarfs as well, but a thunder fell from the sky and killed her on the spot.


All of a sudden, the Prince came without explanation how he had managed to find the place where the dwarfs lived; he saw Snow White and sunk into deep sorrow for her death. He decided to take her to his palace and there to drown into grief. At the road shocks the piece of the apple fell from the throat of Snow White and she woke up. The Prince happily kissed her and thus, gathered together by love, they went to his kingdom where she would become his wife.




II. Symbolism of characters.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the sacral fairy tales of Tangraism in which a system of knowledge has been encoded connected with the possibility of transforming the Heavenly energy back from the Matter in a way they both, together, to put the beginning of the creation on the principle of likeness to create people. In a sense, Snow White and the Prince are Eve and Adam. The tale is sexual, it tells about processes which give the female genitals the ability to create a living human organism from the elements of the matter. Let us pay attention to the fact that nature and animals have already been created, and they cooperate to Snow White, the dwarfs and the Prince.


Moreover, the tale gives information on the so called Seven sacral elements which are the chemical base of the material body of our planet. These seven elements interact with each other and with the rest, non-sacral, elements as a result of which 56 basic elements appear that give the creativity of the alloys in the matter. So one can say the Bulgarians obtained a set of knowledge for the principles on which the body of the planet Earth had been created.


Let us remember that Blavatskaya also talked (although in 19th c,) about Seven sacral elements from which all the chemical compounds derived including life itself. These Seven elements are actually the seven dwarfs who symbolize seven of the chemical elements in the Mendeleyevs table. Their valencial and chemical interactions give the sum of 56 elements. Today it is difficult to realize how the Bulgarian kholobars interpreted the whole complex range of interactions but it is a fact because the fairy tale is categorical and confirmed in the mouth-to-mouth legends of Tangraism.


When we speak about the relations of the Princess with the Dwarfs we actually catch out what happens in a deep elemental level in the matter and particularly in the body of Snow White because the hidden information views the level the body (womb) of Snow White (the Heavenly BA-soul) obtaining the specifics of the seven elements, as a result of which she would be able to bear children people, KA-souls. All actions are directed to this option. Today we have lost some of the essential details of the tale and it surely leads to certain gaps in interpretation. But fate carefully preserved the main structure and the code to reveal the hidden knowledge which has been inherited from a kholobar to a kholobar until today. Now is the time when all sacral data should be given to people so that the mankind would become conscious about the common toot of knowledge of the Human race. We are all brothers and sisters because we all are children of the Prince and Princess.


On a sexual level the Prince bears the symbolism of the spermatozoid and the Princess of the ovum. That is how the matrimonial mystery is veiled under the fairy-tale narrative. In the long run things ended happily and they became husband and wife the fertilization was real. The future of the new race was assured.


To prove this sacral truth we should follow what the kholobars have encoded as symbols in the fairy-tale characters.




1.1. Protagonists:


1.1.1. SNOW WHITE. The name comes from SNOWFLAKE a soul from Heaven.


The name Snow White means The one who comes from Heaven. A soul drowning into the matter to create. In Tangraism all ideas have their graphical symbols. Her graphical image is:



Drawing 1. Snow White.

All snowflakes have always this graphical structure a six-pointed star; they correspond to the Sixth order of the mirror-symmetry. Despite their diversity, they all have their six main crystal gills (spokes).

Every snowflake carries the symbol of the creation of the Crystal Kingdom (the elements) of the matter. Related to Mankind, the symbol illustrates the Third Tortoise in the symbolism of Tangraism. Snow White is the heavenly symbol of the Third Tortoise when materialized as unity of the opposites (man woman) gathered and ready for creative activity.

The Third Tortoise symbolizes the creativeness of the Third essence of Tang-Ra the Son (Amon-Ra) when He creates in the matter in the planets (the Earth being ours). A body. Kingdoms. Sexes. Being. UM-AY.



Drawing 2. The Third Tortoise


As we see, the graphical symbol of Snow White has a center which here illustrates the Sun (Amon-Ra).

The Third Tortoise which is the potency of the physical creativity (Adam and Eve before eating the fruit of knowledge) and has no center the couple is still in Paradise.

In the fairy tale there is one more heavenly essence:

1.1.2. THE PRINCE.

1. The Prince is a potential King, a new beginning.

2. Heavenly creature, the Spirit (Yang) seeking a planet, material body, on which to merge with the female substance Ying in order to lay the beginnings of Tang-Ras creativity.

3. Light. YANG is the energy of Heaven. The symbol of this energy is Light therefore Light is the second name of the Prince. The symbol of Light in the material structures on planet Earth is:



 Drawing 3. The six rays of light

Pay attention to the absolute sameness in the graphical symbols of these two heavenly essences: the Prince and Princess.


(Note: The Light symbol has Five graphical expressions which indicate the specifics of its manifestation in the Universe: Man (a cross, four lines), Creativeness (six lines), the Law of Life (Dzhedzhe, eight lines), the Law of Evolution (twelve lines) and the Law of the Universal YANG (a many-pointed star; this is the Central Sun, or Tang-Ra).

4. Spermatozoid. Nameless Prince is a rank, not a name. Fertilizer of the female, material YING structure when she has obtained the processes of Dzhedzhe in the matter.

According to the information from Heaven hidden in the fairy tale, in the matter two heavenly essences come down: Light (a form of energy, Spirit) and Snowflake (a crystal form of the matter, Soul).

The third essence Dzhedzhe is a function of their unity which is realized here, on Earth, in the matter. Let us look at this symbol in detail:


The name is a Bulgarian one (it means a dwarf) and it is a derivative of Dzhedzhe Sign of the Law of Life.


Drawing 4. The sign of Dzhedzhe

I hope you will note the resemblance to the two heavenly symbols. As well the fact that Octavity is the third level of the diffraction of light.

In Tangraism, they call Dzhudzhu certain creatures from the Elemental Hierarchy, the Sixth Creative Hierarchy creatures that are responsible for the Crystal Kingdom and rule the creation processes of the elements. They are also called gnomes. The analysis of the name leads to certain conclusions:

DZH (J) the unity of Dum-Ay and Zhan-Ay = Kundalini (see the sacral words in my book Kholobar). Symbols of the common principle of creation.

UR fire. The letter U (OU) is applied to the proper name of the Bulgarians, it is an integral part of the names of their tribes: Bugurs, Balgurs, Onogundurs, Kutigurs and others the seven major tribes + five secondary ones (the female tribes which have no the letter U in their names). When the Law Dzhedzhe (of Life) comes into force, i.e. begins to act in the matter of a planet, the creatures from the Hierarchy of elements adopt to their name the sign of fire the letter U. That is how DzheDzhe becomes DzhuDzhu. I.e. DzheDzhe = Dzhudzhu = DzhuDzhe (the Bulgarian word for dwarf).

Dzh(o)u is a syllable illustrating the function of the law (dzhedzhe), and Dzhe is the syllable illustrating the very law itself. Together they form the symbol Dzhudzhe (Dwarf).

Dzhudzhe is the literary name of these creatures (Dzhudzhus) known as being small mannikins digging precious stones in the woods. Mannikin: Reasonable being.


1.2. Protagonists as symbols:

(Not all names in the Bulgarian tradition are the same as they are in the Walt Disney animated version but most are.)

1. Happy. He sees the light in the house.

2. Doc. He lights the room and sees Snow White.

3. Grumpy. he is irritable and does not wish that Snow White stays at the house.

4. Defty. Dancer.

5. Good Heart. Dancer. He climbs Defty to dance with the taller Snow White.

6. Bashful. He participates in every deed but modestly.

7. Sleepy. He is rapt and wants to sleep all the time: he lacks activity.

8. Princess Snow White. She cooks, washes, cleans and so on: she puts things at the house (the Earth) in order and hygiene. The Ying energy of matter.

9. The Prince. The Searching Spirit from Heaven: the Heavenly Yang. His country land is not mentioned, nobody knows where he comes from and where he goes to. The husband Prince is the Heavenly Spirit who has become a Man the fertilizing Yang in the matter.

10. The Mirror. the Astral Kingdom. In its fields is all information data from the shown world. It knows everything about anything which is already manifested in the matter.


11. The Raven. he watches the Queen (the Dark Lodge), while she is doing her magic but he does not participate. He is the initiated who follows but does not intervene into the evolution on Earth. (Indicated are the two Hierarchies that lead the evolution of people and their life activity).

12. The Apple. The apple is introduced by the Bulgarians in the peoples notion system as the eaten fruit of knowledge. It symbolizes the beginning of the matter transformation, its coming into a stage of pulsation cyclic recurrence. The eating of the forbidden apple leads immediately to the Life-Death pulsation just as the snake explains to Adam and Eve in the Bible.

13. Death. It is not a Death but a state: Snow White is not dead. She is in a glass coffin visible for the rest, for the new races. Reincarnation.

14. The witch dies Thunder-struck: Heaven kills her. The Law of Karma comes into force immediately. The initiated one who has given his soul to the Dark Lodge is doomed.

15. The Kiss. Fertilizing, life, sacral unity of Yang and Ying (Prince and Princess).

16. The Hunter. The engine of the movement processes for the One Seeking Spirituality. Hunters and Warriors are the most frequent images that illustrate the dynamic processes of evolution. They are neutral in principle. In the Thracian sacred culture he is equal to a demon a spirit of learning who is not concerned by the ultimate result of knowledge.


(We reached the sacred number 16 one more secret but it is only for the initiated ones).



III. Conclusions.

Symbolism of the information levels coded in the fairy tale:


1. First kevel: The Era of Creation of Man Third Fundamental Race.

Snow White marks the era of the Etheric congestion of the plasma bodies of the spirits (energies) the last quarter of the Third Fundamental Race. The first quarter is Ur, the fire (Salamander), the second quarter is Air (Elf); the third quarter is Water (Mermaid), and the forth quarter is Earth (DzhuDzhu, the minerals).

In the last quarter of the Third Fundamental Race the Heavenly soul Snow White accepts the gifts of Dzhudzhu to become able to reproduce the matter to bear material bodies for the souls. She sleeps in the beds of each of the seven dwarfs. The dwarfs give up their beds to her in a row they concede to her the right to accept (adopt) every basic element of the Crystal Kingdom. She eats from the plate of each of them: she consumes and she can turn the matter into organism.

Each dwarf is an element from a period in the Mendeleyevs table. These are the sacred Seven elements out of which all the other elements are derived. The eighth is a Heavenly one and it cannot be adopted it is part of the Wholeness. The ratio Heaven:Earth is 1:7, but also 1+7, which is equal to 8 The Law of Octavity, of Life, Dzhedzhe as they call it even now in Tibet.

The adoption of these seven elements in fact marks the ability of Snow White (the female heavenly substance BA) to reproduce the Five elements of Creation, and thus, to become mother of KA the human soul. The creative elements which, through the womb of a woman can structure a biological body, are Five plus Two specific ones: Oxygen and Lithium. Oxygen is not just a particular separate element but it supports the processes of life. Lithium is the destroying element: it regulates the processes of cycling recurrence. Lithium is the root of the species-forming minerals. It is in all living organisms but still its functions are not clear enough. Lithium is the main symbol of the Balkan Peninsula as a Land of Time because the first processes that did the turning of the crystal structure into earth (sand and soil) happened in the Balkans, in the geo-magnetic zone of the Center of Harmony. The lack or exorbitance of lithium in human organism (the brain) leads to schizophrenic disorders. Lithium is the one that controls the processes of life and aging in DNA a secret which is still not clear to geneticians.

Snow White is ready for her Prince (the Spirit, Yang) when she is asleep and having eaten at the home of dwarfs she has adopted the seven substances (seven elements) and has obtained the ability to become a Young married woman. A young married woman is a maiden who has just become a woman a bride who has had her first sexual intercourse and will bear. When she is ready to bear the spirits (princes) come to the young woman so she could become mother, to bear souls on Earth.


2. Second level: Concept.

Snow White is a Soul who has stepped in the path of the Godlike creativity to bear living creatures, i.e. people. Before realizing the development of the Forth Kingdom the Human one, she has to adopt the qualities of the other three kingdoms: The Crystal, Plant and Animal ones. She goes in:

1. The Mountain, the Mineral kingdom (the elements) and plunges into

2. the Green energy substance the trees, the forest (the 545-wave), i.e. in the Etheric field of Earth and

3. she communicates with the representatives of the Animal kingdom in the woods.


3. Third level: Obtaining the ability to organize the elements of matter into a living organism.

The fairy tale for Snow White and the Seven dwarfs holds the sacral secret of Tangraism about structuring the elements on Earth. She reveals the Seven basic elements, now leading ones in the Mendeleyevs table, as well as the Eighth element the cosmic representative of the elements (). The derivations of these seven elements viewed through the idea of the Dance of Good Heart and Defty, give the derivates of all others elements except for the radioactive ones give the valence. The dance of the two dwarfs means valence possibility of relations between the elements. The beginning of the alloys elements derivates is being founded. Thus, the compounds plus the womb (Snow White) give the idea of the creation (the dance).

We may say it with confidence that the old Bulgaria kholobars (high priests) knew and use the Mendeleyevs table long before the great Russian scientist composed and gave it to mankind. Let us not forget that he himself shared before his death that he had seen the ranging of the periods in a sleep and only then he finished the systematization by his own.

4. The abovementioned gives the following information about the Dwarfs being chemical symbols (basic elements of Life):

Doc leader of dzhudzhus. The Oxygen element (). The main element changing the other elements without changing their composition. Therefore, he is a Leader leads and gives light (oxygenation) to all. He carries a big lantern.

Happy Carbon () major keeper of life in nature and among animals. Lever.

Defty Silicon (Si). Hammer.

Good Heart Calcium (). Chisel. Together with Defty: Valence. Beginning of the compounds. Bones and joints.

Bashful Nitrogen (N). Adze.

Sleepy Iron (Fe). Haemoglobin. Spade.

Grumpy Lithium (Li). Pickaxe and little lantern. Destroyer.

The Prince Hydrogen (). An omnipresent element of the Universe, one of the most widespread in the entire universe. Participating in all forms of the living matter crystals, plants, animals and people.

The dwarfs working together, in a tandem Defty and Good Heart, express symbolically yet another element Aluminium (Al). This is the element thanks to which the lithosphere exists the soil, the matter that gave life to the Green Kingdom.

The seven sacred elements on Earth can evolve and are able to give personal creation through combining with the heavenly element (). The consequence is 64 (7.8 + 8) elements which realize the ability of the Crystal Kingdom to reproduce living creatures. That is why one of the dzhudzhus is called Happy carbon (). His happiness consists of the bearing of the kingdoms and creatures in them. His personal tribute is his direct participation in this process. Let us remember that he is the first to notice that there is a light and someones presence in the house, the same way he himself (carbon) is present in everything alive.

5. The relation Prince Princess (Light Crystal, or Heaven Matter) gives knowledge about the symbol of Life on our planet the formula of Life: DNA. In the graphical symbols which show light diffraction we see that the Heaven, or God, level is four-arm; it corresponds to the four carbon bases: adenine, guanine, thymine and cytosine. But on a DNA level the relations become too complex, so we would not observe them here deeply.

6. The Law of Symmetry includes the Sixth level as a base of all silicon crystals and it becomes clear that the Defty dzhudzhu lays the foundations of the crystal kingdom of the most widespread element on Earth Si.



Drawing 6. Silicon crystal

7. The Six-arm symmetry of the crystal structure builds also the benzol (benzene) nucleus in the chemical order of relations.



Drawing 7. Benzol nucleus

By disclosure of the secret knowledge we confirm categorically that twelve thousand years before D. Mendeleyev the kholobars of Tangraism have encoded a sacred science about the chemical elements and Creation in the marvelous Bulgarian fairy tale Princess Snow White and the Seven Dzhudzhus.




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